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Champion Tour

Champion Tour

In July, we were invited to tour the Champion Dog Star Kitchens in Auburn, Kentucky.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get an inside view of America's most trusted pet food.  We were blown away by the cleanliness of every part of the tour - due to their daily 4 hour clean cycle, plus a "clean-in-place" philosophy.  Every step of the way, food is monitored, sampled, and tested to ensure the highest quality.  The entire facility is temperature and humidity controlled, including all deliveries - vacuum trucks are first pumped with the air from inside the kitchens so EVERY ingredient is maintained in the same quality environment.  Champion's dedication to providing the BEST pet nutrition - biologically appropriate, fresh regional ingredients that are never outsourced - is extremely evident in every area of manufacturing.  Their employees are passionate, knowledgeable, and most important.... HAPPY!  Champion has created hundreds of jobs, boosting the local economy - from kitchen workers, to fisherman & farmers, to pallet builders - the entire community has warmly welcomed a Canadian company that feeds pets in over 83 countries.  We can't wait to go back!

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